This site is assembled by an assortment of hand selected frameworks and code snippets. Body copy is set in Fira Sans designed by Erik Spiekermann and Ralph du Carrois. Headers are set in Alegreya by Huerta Tipográfica.

Dave Gamache's elegantly lean Skeleton forms the foundation for the CSS framework, while content is managed through Anthony Kolber's cleverly efficient flat-file CMS Stacey via a custom theme. Additional plug-ins include Mike Byrne's lazyload and Hasan Aydoğdu's MoveTo. I have a soft spot for well-written, single purpose code — even if many happen to end up being abandonware.

I took the photograph that appears at the top of this page while visiting Shanghai — initially amused by these two guys nonchalantly pulling a cart completely oblivious to traffic around. That amusement transformed to respect, as I realized their action represents the hustle, attitude and focus — unrestrained by any pre-conceived limitations — needed to just get the job done — an ethos I aspire to each day in my work.

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